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Differences between high-quality and low-quality water solenoid valves

There are many elements that influence the nature of solenoid valves, for instance, the nature of frill utilized, handling strategy, testing technique, etc.

Here I take the most famous model of the water solenoid valve, as an illustration, to show the correlations of our own with others.

Their models are both 2W160-15.

1. The distinctions in appearance treatment, in Valve body form, in size,

indeed, even in wire's thickness and length.

2. The distinctions in loads.

More excellent solenoid valve is a lot heavier. Also, we utilize higher metal substance materials for the valve body and curl wire, this can ensure the valves not be singed without any problem.

3. The distinctions in subtleties, everything being equal.

The valve body on the left is called an incorporated valve body, which can consume the solenoid valves without any problem.

This part is known as the moving iron center which works in the valve body to control the opening and shutting. The nature of the spring and stomach is additionally vital. A decent stomach is entirely adaptable and not effortlessly made back the initial investment after common activity, while poor people's stomach is hard, and should be changed frequently to ensure it can work ordinarily.

The above pic shows the distinction in the handling strategies.

As I said, this other sort could make the curl be singed effectively, then, at that point, abbreviate the existence of valves.

This sort of body has for some time been dispensed within our industrial facility, however it keeps on being utilized by numerous different producers

in light of its low expenses.

Indeed, even with such little parts, we utilize great ones to make the entire valve looks more upscale.

Likewise, all the fixing materials we utilized are great materials to ensure the valves can work more than 1 million times,

in any case, other valves' life is just 50% of our own.

With the exception of the above contrasts, our testing strategy is additionally altogether different from others, we sink the whole valve body into the water to see where the air is spilling so we can all the more extensively distinguish the air spill. Different producers simply ventilate the two finishes of the solenoid valve and apply a modest quantity of water to see whether there is air spillage. Here and there the slight air spillage can't be noticed effectively, however, their technique can save heaps of time, subsequently can lessen their expenses.

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